January 15, 2021

Tim Tebow seeks to evangelize with children’s book

Former football pro Tim Tebow — famed as much for his public displays of faith as his actual prowess on the field —has recently released a children’s book with the goal, he said, of evangelizing children. Tebow said he was inspired to pen the book by his childhood experience of having a night time story with his mother, stories that, “would inspire me to live for God.”

The story of Bronco and Friends centers on Tebow’s dog, Bronco. Bronco’s main goal throughout the story is to point kids to their purpose and design in life. At the same time, the story encourages children to understand and deal with their uniqueness. This uniqueness may manifest as typical issues that kids deal with or special needs that they may have. Tebow is personally committed to empowering children with special needs kids to understand the community better.

Read the entire story here.

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