Survey: Gen Z looks to reconnect with faith




Generation Z’s average church attendance may have declined in recent years, but a recent Intervarsity survey indicates that — as they enter into post- or inter-pandemic living — they’re spiritually hungry and looking for answers.

Key findings include:


• Almost half (47%) of students reported that their mental and emotional health has been negatively impacted as a result of the pandemic. Of these students, 71% contributed this to isolation, lack of community, and/or a lack of social interactions.


• 60% of students are hungry for even more resources on Scripture study and 52% want more guidance on prayer; nearly half (47%) of students are looking for resources to provide guidance on dating and marriage.


• Top issues of importance to students today are: racial justice (39%); climate change (29%); foster care, adoption, and orphan care (28%). Jobs and the economy (14%); immigration (10%); and serving refugees (8%) were ranked the lowest.

Reviewing the survey, Intervarsity’s CEO TOM Lin said that after a year of isolation, Gen Z is feeling the need for community.

“Generation Z is the most connected generation yet, with an unprecedented online presence and digital connectivity,” said Tom Lin, President & CEO of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. “However, the findings of this survey show just how important community and fellowship are to students’ overall well-being and how important it is to maintain and cultivate these on college campuses.”

Read the Intervarsity survey news release here.

Read the full survey results here.

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