Protestia sets their sights on Beth Moore

Well, the Baptists are at again. Specifically, Fellowship Baptist Church of Sydney, MT. This time, they’re after Beth Moore and her “strange version of Jesus.”

A Protestia staff writer (unnamed) shares that Moore “chose to take a few potshots and gaslight the brethren looking at the world around us losing its mind.”  They quote Moore as Tweeting, “I don’t think some of us who love God would have liked Jesus.”  Protestia goes on to let us know that they don’t fear liberalism, rather they DESPISE it and stand against it because they love and fear the Lord and His word.

It’s rather startling to observe such obvious and overt distaste and hatred within the Christian ranks. The un churched have long laughingly joked that, “there is no hate like Christian love” and the authors of Protestia certainly make this clear. Moore’s call to see the world as bigger than simply following the written teachings in the book, and to instead practice the application of the humanity of Jesus Christ apparently makes her an enemy to “the church” . . . at least the way that Protestia defines it.

The Protestia writer finalizes their tirade with:


“For the uneducated, Moore’s theological ineptitude and outright horribleness is the stuff of legends, as she has routinely claimed direct revelation from God (like her famous tale of God telling her to brush a guy’s hair instead of witnessing to him), affirming so-called woman pastors and those who affirm LGBTQ+, labeling her entire denomination racist, and claiming white supremacy is running rampant” in the church. She has liked tweets dissuading believers from sharing the Gospel at BLM protests and recently said that The Pulpit Has become a Threat to Women’ and criticized complementarianism, as ‘It Wipes Out Half the Gospel Force’.”


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